OLD 2022 Scholarship Information

How to Apply for the 2022 Academy for Lifetime Learning Betty Ross Scholarships

All applications must be submitted online.


Three $1500 scholarships will be awarded, one of which will be reserved for a student entering a two- or four-year nursing program.  The other two will be available to students beginning a program in any discipline at a two- or four-year college or university in the fall.

The following supporting information is required to complete the application. We strongly suggest that you have all of this information readily available before you begin filling in the application.

  • An official school transcript with grade point average
  • Proof of acceptance from a community college or a two- or four-year college or university
  • Two character references with contact information (Directions for what to do if you do not have a physical copy of one or both reference letters in given on the application form in the Character Reference section.)
  • A personal essay of 600-800 typed words on the subject of “What Motivates Me to Pursue My Chosen Field of Study”
  • A second essay of 600-800 typed words on ONE of the following three subjects:
    • Integrity
    • Courage
    • Excellence

The application form may be found here.

Applications must be submitted online no later than May 25, 2022.  The Scholarship winners will be notified by June 15, 2022.

The Academy will hold an awards ceremony at which time the winners will be invited to meet Academy for Lifetime Learning members to discuss their education goals and aspirations.

If you have a question, please contact MaryKay Mulligan, A.L.L. Board President, at: 757- 787-4891.